SA Gold Coin Exchange

Have you considered the benefits of investing in physical gold? Diversifying one's portfolio is not only prudent, but essential to preserving and growing your investments in changing market conditions.

Investing in gold offers one of the safest means of diversifying your portfolio, as it provides the security of a stable, reliable commodity.

The annual demand for this precious metal consistently outweighs supply. This has ensured that gold's exclusive status continues to be upheld, and that its intrinsic value enjoys ongoing price rallies over time.

Gold is a proven and established store of wealth, offering protection against currency devaluation while consistently beating inflation. But because gold coins are a tangible investment and legal tender, they offer complete peace of mind, high liquidity and easy mobility!

The South African Gold Coin Exchange is currently the largest distributor of gold investment, bullion and collectable coins in South Africa and has been trading since 1972.