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10x Investments

10x Investments

10X Investments is a retirement fund administrator and investment manager. The company, which has a 10-year track record as of January 2018, is disrupting the investment management industry by providing a range of simple, effective, low cost solutions to savers and retirement investors.

10X manages more than R8 billion in private and corporate retirement investment funds for clients including Virgin Active, EOH and Macquarie.  

Arguing that achieving your investment goal should not be a matter of luck, 10X Investments sticks to four core principles to deliver competitive, long-term investment returns and give clients the best possible chance of reaching their investment goals: low fees, index tracking, a diversified portfolio and life-stage investing.

Low fees: 10X’s total fees are less than half the industry average – and the difference is invested on clients’ behalf to compound over time.

Index Tracking: It's impossible to reliably predict the market. Instead of trying to pick winning stocks, 10X delivers the returns of the market as a whole at a fraction of the cost.

Diversified Portfolio: 10X invests clients’ money locally and offshore, in a diversified portfolio of shares, property, bonds and cash.

Life Stage Investing: 10X automatically adjust clients’ portfolios based on how close they are to retirement. This maximises returns and minimises risk and also means no difficult or costly decisions. Click here for more information



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