The value of your credit report

Your credit report is accessed by an array of businesses and parties in order to make informed decisions about your creditworthiness. This can range from banks checking your report to approve you for a loan, whether it be a home loan or vehicle finance, to a potential employer pulling your report to determine whether to offer you the job. 

Simply put, your credit report affects a variety of areas in your life, which is why it is vital that you manage it properly and ensure the information is accurate.

The most important information on your credit report is your credit score, which is a three-digit number that reflects your credit health. Among other things, this number is affected by how much debt you owe, how well you manage it, and how frequently you apply for credit.  

The higher your credit score, the better your credit report looks, and the more likely businesses are to approve you for credit. Accessing your credit report regularly helps you manage your score and, ultimately, your financial health.

The process

We have partnered with Kudough, a trusted financial credit coach, so that we can, in turn, offer you the best service available. In order to access your unique credit report, we need to verify your information. This is to ensure we produce the most recent and accurate report for you. Simply select the correct options and you’ll immediately receive your credit report.

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Improve Your Credit Score

How to build a good credit record

Credit scores range from 300 to 999, depending on the credit bureau. The higher your credit score, the more likely you will qualify for credit. If your score is below 620 it’s unlikely that you will get credit. However, there are things you can do to build a good credit score.

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What does it mean to be blacklisted?

The term ‘blacklisted’ has typically meant that you as a consumer are in arrears with an account or have a judgement against your name for an account.

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How to maintain and improve your credit score

Your credit score is ever-changing and if you mismanage any of your accounts, your credit score will reflect these discretions. How can you ensure your credit score is both maintained and continues to grow? The following tips could help you stay on track.

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5 factors that affect your credit score

People often think that income, employment status, and age affect their credit score. As much as these play a big role in determining whether you qualify for credit or not, there are five more important factors that affect your credit score that you might not be aware of. 

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Guides for you

Everything you need to know about credit reports

Checking your credit report is important, especially if you’re trying to apply for a loan, secure employment, purchase insurance, or check whether there’s fraudulent information in your name.

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