AA launches designated driver service

By Staff Writer
According to the Automotive Association of South Africa (AA) every year, around 14,000 South Africans die in motor vehicle crashes with as many as 150,000 more injured, often seriously.

More than half of these are directly attributable to alcohol consumption and with South Africa's poor public transport facilities, drivers are often tempted to drive home after drinking, even when they know they shouldn't.

This is probably one of the reasons why the AA has launched a designated driver service for its members.

“Don't be a statistic... make sure you enjoy a worry-free night out with the AA Designated Driver service! It's the safest solution to drinking and driving, and it gives you the convenience of having yourself and vehicle chauffeured home safely,” said the AA.

The AA Designated Driver will operate seven days a week, 365 days a year, through a simple booking service.

“All the drivers have a clean driving licence and are older than 25. Importantly, female drivers can be requested for added peace-of-mind for women who use the service. A communication is sent 45 minutes prior to pick-up with the driver’s name, an added security feature of the service,” said the AA.

The service will operate in all major centres in South Africa and will ensure the user and their vehicle is taken home safely through a reliable provider.

“The AA Designated Driver service is going to make a big difference to road safety,” the AA said. “It is the first get-you-home service provided countrywide by a reputable motoring organisation. Drinking and driving is just not worth the risk,” the AA concluded.

However, there are also ways to get free rides home through the banks, if you do not want to pay. Though, you will have to be a banking client with either First National Bank, Standard Bank or Absa to qualify. The downside to the banks’ services is that they mostly service major towns.

How the AA’s offering works

The AA said that the last drop off will be at 4am. You can also drop your friends at home on the way.

The service will only make trips which are not longer than 50km in all of South Africa's major metros. There are four different packages you can choose from for the service (see table below).

Designated Driver costs
Packages AA Designated Driver Key AA Designated Driver Key20 AA Designated Driver Key60 AA Designated Driver Key80
Free kilometres per month 0KM 20KM 60KM 80KM
Minimum kilometres per trip 15km 20km 20km 20km
Rate per kilometre (including VAT) R12.50 R12.50 R12.50 R12.50
Information correct as of 30 June 2015. Source: Automotive Association of South Africa

For more information on the service, click here.

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