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Online Christmas shopping

By Staff Writer
This time of year brings about shopping mayhem as everyone rushes from store to store to get all that’s needed for the big day. This routine, however, has been slightly altered as people have, in recent times, taken to the world of online shopping. Justmoney explores a few websites that would be ideal for buying presents and cutting queues.

While online shopping is a major convenience it also presents with the opportunity for major fraud. With sophisticated methods, cyber criminals can easily go undetected, so the onus is on the consumer to take the necessary preventative measures.

“It may sound elementary, but you should only buy from reputable online stores. Do some research on freely available sites like Hellopeter and Mybroadband and make sure what the site offers can actually be delivered. You know the saying, if it is too good to be true…,” explains Evert Smith from Deloitte.
Smith also further advises that consumers take the time to familiarise themselves with the returns and refunds policies before making the purchase.

It is also vital that you make sure that you do some research into how your personal information is stored and the security thereof.

That being said, online shopping has evolved tremendously in terms of customer safety and the ways in which websites have grown in catering to their customer’s needs.

For more information on how to protect yourself from fraud this festive season, click here.

Going shopping
We highlight a few websites that offer a range of lovely gift items, making sure every member of the family is catered for:

1.For every type of gadget, gimmick and miscellaneous gift you are wanting, Happy Gifts is a good place to start. With gifts ranging from R100 through to R2 400, there is bound to be something for every pocket and taste. The online store boasts with a three to five working days delivery process and a shipping policy, so be sure to order now to ensure you are well ahead of schedule.

2. Shopping for every member of the family can be both daunting and tiresome, but Petit Love has you covered in terms of shopping for the littlest members of the family. “We have everything you need for your child, from baby products, to clothing, linen, toys, furniture and accessories. We are committed to bringing you exclusive, quality products to cater for your every need,” stated the Petit Love website. With luxury products at the click of a button and free shipping and gift wrapping and prices that start from around R150, this store is worth a visit.

3.With not only the festive upon us but the heat of the summer months, a cold beer is always welcome, especially a delicious craft beer. The League of Beers has you covered, with a range of international and craft beers. “We’re committed to supporting small producers, inspiring adventures and serving craft beer people by offering the broadest, curated range of craft beers online with free delivery throughout South Africa for orders over R200,” adds The League of Beers.

4.Boasting as South Africa’s ‘go-to-guide on gifts’, Tidy & Co., offers a range of unique products to ensure the person you’re gifting feels special. “We offer a range of quality products for a variety of occasions with a gift finder engine that narrows down the products to a personalised recommended selection. We cover the entire gift giving process of what to buy for whom and for which occasions, to an artfully wrapped gift delivered to the doorstep (yours or theirs, whichever you prefer). This means that a beautiful, thoughtful gift can be purchased without any effort,” explains Tidy & Co.

5.Buying gifts for kids can sometimes be challenging as you are wanting to strike the balance between entertaining and educational. Enter Mysmartkid, “a play-based educational programme that has educational toys and products that makes for a perfect and fun gift for over the festive season. Parents, grandparents and even friends can give young ones something that will ultimately contribute to learning and play. Each product is designed to assist with learning and development for children aged nought to six years old,” highlights their website. Boasting an online offering and shop, consumers are given the opportunity to choose affordably with some of the gifts going for under R100.

With 18 days to Christmas and the rush to get everything bought and delivered on time, be sure to purchase your order well in advance to avoid any disappointment and guarantee festive cheer.

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