Nedbank Personal Loans

Nedbank personal loans are there to help you when you need that extra little cash boost. It can sometimes be quite difficult to keep up with all our financial commitments, especially when an unforeseen emergency creeps up on us. A deposit for a new place to rent, the excess on a car accident or a broken fridge, all of these expenses can add up.

This is where Nedbank personal loans could help. Nedbank personal loans are great for helping you take control of your finances. If your budget is a little stretched and you need an extra cash boost, consider Nedbank personal loans.

Some of the features of Nedbank personal loans are:
-          You can get a personal loan from Nedbank for R2000 to R120 000. The money from your personal loan will be paid directly into the bank account into which your salary is paid.
-          The repayment periods for Nedbank personal loans are flexible. Depending on how much you qualify for, you can repay your Nedbank personal loans over 24, 36, 28 or even 60 months. For added convenience, your personal loan repayment will be debited from your bank account.
-          The application process for Nedbank personal loans is straight forward. The application form can be completed quickly and easily with the help of one of Nedbank’s friendly consultants.

Nedbank personal loans do require insurance, however,  the bank offers the option of arranging this on your behalf. You will need an insurance policy to cover you in the event of death, disability and retrenchment. Alternatively, you can arrange your own insurance policy for your Nedbank personal loan, as long as the policy covers you for these three events.

Nedbank are committed to responsible lending and you will only qualify for a Nedbank personal loan once you have been assessed and you have comfortably passed all lending criteria. does not offer personal loans from Nedbank, however, you do have the option of applying for a personal loan with Bruma Finance or DirectAxis.