Tax Season only starts on the 1 July this year but to get you going TaxTim has launched an out of season special on several of its packages.

You can save 25% on the Lite package, now R186 down from R249; the Smart package now R261 down from R349 and the Ultra package which will cost you R374 and is discounted down from R499.

“Our out of season special ends 1 July, it’s basically for taxpayers to buy early for their 2017 return to be submitted from 1 July,” says Marc Sevitz, director and chief financial officer of the online tax calculator tool.

The Lite package is suitable for someone that is looking to do a basic tax return, with no medical aid, retirement allowances or other income. The Smart package is for taxpayers with a salary and medical aid, retirement, allowances, investments, capital gains and who make donations. Finally, the Ultra package is for those who earn commission, are independent contractors, sole proprietors, or those who earn rental income or foreign income.

The table below shows how the discount applies:





Regular once off price




Discount once off (valid till 1 July)




Source: TaxTim