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Funeral Cover

Apply for funeral cover through Justmoney. It's not something that we like to think about, but death happens and we often underestimate the cost of a funeral. A funeral cover policy is there to help you pay for the costs involved in a funeral so your family can focus their time and energy on healing. Do you have a question about funeral cover? 


The guide below helps to explain funeral cover. If you still have questions after reading the guide, ask our funeral cover expert or you can also visit our FAQ page.

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You might not want to consider this while you’re in the prime of your life, raising your children, or planning towards something special, but death is inevitable and planning for funeral costs necessary. In these uncertain times anything can happen, and you wouldn’t want your family to be financially exposed.

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Additional funeral cover benefits unpacked

Insurance companies sometimes offer additional benefits along with their funeral policies. These benefits can be optional or built into your cover. But do you know what these benefits entail?


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Which funeral cover lays your worries to rest?

A funeral can be as expensive as R50,000, depending on the type of funeral you want. That is why purchasing funeral cover is important. However, you don’t have to accept every offer that is put on the table. Shopping around can save you a large amount of money.

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How to avoid funeral rip offs

The death of a loved one is difficult time, and while you expect the funeral home to be a helping, professional hand to guide you through this some of these companies are the direct opposite of that. Stories have emerged of bodies being held for ransom, jewellery and other belongings being stolen from the deceased.

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