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Our free tools can help you on your journey to financial freedom. For personalised quotes and coaching, register on the JustMoney platform and get rewarded – it’s FREE! While readers tell us these calculators help them tremendously, you should always speak to a qualified financial planner before making any significant money decisions. The results provided by these calculators do not constitute legal or financial advice and are used at your own risk.


Savings calculator

Calculate how much you can save, how long it will take to reach your goals, and more. 

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Salary tax calculator

Calculate how much of your pay you can expect to take home after PAYE salary tax.

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Budget calculator

Understand your expenses and see your actual monthly budget.

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Home loan calculator

Calculate what you can afford to pay based on your income and expenses.

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Vehicle finance calculator

Estimate your monthly repayment for your car and the interest you’ll pay.

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Life insurance calculator

Calculate whether your current life insurance total is adequate for your family.

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Retirement needs calculator

Get an estimate of what you'll need when you reach retirement.

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Currency conversion calculator

Make quick money exchange calculations between different currencies.

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