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Build your wealth by investing in your future

Savings and investments play an important role in your financial well-being. Make good money choices by knowing the options that cater to your short and long-term needs. 


Did you know? Only 8% of South Africans can maintain their standard of living and are set to retire comfortably. However, it’s never too late to start investing.

Saving and investing may sound like the same thing, and to some degree, they are. They both involve setting aside money for your future benefit. Savings are funds that are kept aside to achieve short-term goals. Investments, on the other hand, are assets that are acquired with the aim of increasing income over the longer term.

We explore the differences between saving and investing, and consider how you should decide which one to pursue.

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Give a gift that builds wealth

We explore what to consider when giving a gift that can help secure the financial future of your children.


Cryptocurrency – read before you invest

We investigate the crypto investment landscape, whether it’s possible to invest safely in cryptocurrencies, and red flags for potential investors.


Set up an emergency fund to offset load shedding

We consider what an emergency fund is, and how you can use it to buffer the impact of load shedding.


Secrets to a successful stokvel

We investigate the pros and cons of this form of collective saving, and consider how to choose or start a successful stokvel.

Articles and insights

Rethinking insurance? How to navigate risk in a changing world

Rethinking insurance? How to navigate risk in a changing world

2 April 2024 · Fiona Zerbst

As financial priorities shift, many people – particularly younger consumers – are reconsidering insurance. We investigate alternative ways to manage your risk.

Get the best out of your solar investment

Get the best out of your solar investment

29 February 2024 · Fiona Zerbst

With load shedding showing no sign of abating, solar installations are increasing in popularity. We investigate how to make the most of a solar investment.

Should you top up your retirement annuity?

Should you top up your retirement annuity?

22 February 2024 · Fiona Zerbst

Making additional contributions to your retirement annuity can benefit you greatly. We explore why and when you should consider topping it up.

Stokvels – how to invest safely

Stokvels – how to invest safely

13 February 2024 · Marlize De Villiers

Stokvels provide a practical and simple way to save by pooling money with others. We explore their mechanics, and how to choose one that suits your needs.

“How I manage my finances as a retiree”

“How I manage my finances as a retiree”

8 February 2024 · Fiona Zerbst

Persistently high inflation rates are taking their toll on pensioners. We explore what three senior citizens are doing to protect their financial wellbeing in retirement.

How to manage university costs

How to manage university costs

30 January 2024 · Fiona Zerbst

With the cost of tertiary education rising above inflation, it’s vital to manage the associated expenses. We explore how students and parents can make smart financial choices.

How to choose the best bank account for your child

How to choose the best bank account for your child

25 January 2024 · Marlize De Villiers

Most banks offer accounts for young customers. We outline how to find the best option for your child, explore the available products, and compare their benefits.

Saving or investing? Explore your options

Saving or investing? Explore your options

23 January 2024 · Fiona Zerbst

Saving or investing – which is best for building your nest egg? Two financial planners provide tips.

Want to leave a financial legacy? Here’s how

Want to leave a financial legacy? Here’s how

18 January 2024 · Fiona Zerbst

Leaving a financial legacy can help you secure intergenerational wealth – but you will need a well-considered plan. We examine how to lock in value for your family.

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