Reason wins in the active v passive management debate
Danielle van Wyk

Although index funds have been around for 40 years in the US (and around 10 years in South Africa), active funds are still the default. But the tide is turning toward index funds in a big way globally as awareness increases. These are some of the reasons why. 

How to build an emergency fund
Isabelle Coetzee

Imagine getting out of your driveway with a box of your office belongings. As you climb the stairs you recall your boss unapologetically saying, “You’d be a better fit elsewhere”. 

‘Drought charge’ receives nearly 60 000 comments
Isabelle Coetzee

Capetonians have until midnight to comment on the drought charge, which may be implemented for three years from 1 February. 

INFOGRAPHIC: Level 6 water restrictions
Isabelle Coetzee

According to the City of Cape Town’s Day ZERO Dashboard, the taps will be turned off on 22 April based on last week’s consumption. 



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