Condom comparison: Which came out on top?

By Danielle van Wyk

Condoms have become more than just a safety precaution. With colour, flavour and texture ranges the options are endless. In the lead up to National Prostate week, focussing on men’s genital health, Justmoney Lifestyle conducted a condom cost comparison on a common favourite – the fetherlite condom.  

The comparison, based on Clicks store prices, looks at the cost, usability, texture and lubrication of the Clicks Essentials, Durex and Lovers+ brands, in a bid to see who will come out on top. (No pun intended!)

*These prices were correct at the time of publication.

The results are in…

Cheaper than the Durex product, and with more lubrication than the Lover+, the Clicks Essentials product offers the most value for money. Other advantages are that the packaging tears open fairly easily, the lubricant is nicely contained within the condom and the condom is easy to roll on. The pressure and fit of the condom is comfortable and offers a fair amount of stretch.

What gives a fetherlite condom its edge?

For eons men have been resisting the use of a condom because it “simply doesn’t feel the same” but with the fetherlite or smooth condom, sensitivity is factored in.

“Fetherlite condoms are 20 % thinner than standard latex condoms. It has a Sensi-Fit which provides a sleeker fit for even greater feeling (compared to standard latex condoms) ,” Durex South Africa explains.

But men aren’t the only ones choosing condoms. According to a 2018 W24 sex survey, where 16 000 South African women participated, 62 % of women are comfortable to buy and carry condoms.

While this may form part of the move towards women becoming more sexually empowered it could also be down to preference.

“Often when choosing a condom, men tend to assume. They think the ribbed condom gives more pleasure to women because of the texture, but some women find that the friction irritates. For this reason she may also prefer the feather light. On the other hand, if the couple prefers to use condoms during oral sex, she might like the flavoured condoms. Women should have as much say in the condom choice as it can make or break the experience for them too,” says former Playboy sex columnist Erla Diedericks.

Condom care

While condom ranges offer various wild and wonderful products, the basics remain. Here are a few quickies to keep front of mind:

“Women especially need to realise that men are not always keen on using condoms and might not even have condoms on them. Therefore, take your safety in your own hands. Always have condoms in your house and in your purse and even take it with on holiday,” adds Diedericks.

If it’s within your budget and preference there is no reason why you can’t have fun. Who says being safe can’t be sexy too!

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