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By Staff Writer
Having to lose unused data at the end of the month is a common occurrence, and something many do not enjoy, especially with the cost of data. However, that will be a thing of the past, according to MTN.
This is due to the launch of Data Share, a service which allows MTN customers to link up and share data with up to 20 MTN numbers.
Larry Annetts, chief marketing officer of MTN South Africa, said MTN has realised that many customers do not consume all of the data that MTN provides in their packages.
"Data Share gives customers who generally use data modestly an opportunity to share unused data with additional MTN numbers and members of their extended families who are on the MTN network, who can use it for a variety of applications including downloading, online gaming and streaming," said Annetts.
Linking devices
With MTN Data Share, the main account holder can add and link SIM-enabled devices such as dongles, tablets and modems, and MTN numbers of their extended family and friends free of charge.
The main account holder can share data with these MTN numbers to ensure that any unused data does not go to waste.
"Data Share offers control and flexibility to manage your accounts, and the fulfilment and satisfaction of sharing the benefits of your package with your loved ones. It enables our customers to share data that would otherwise have been lost without incurring any expenses," said Annetts.
However, this can also mean that the amount of data a customer consumes in a month will increase dependent on how many SIMs are linked to their account.
MTN Data Share is available to Prepaid, TopUp, Postpaid and My MTNChoice customers. To activate this service, pay-as-you-go customers can simply purchase a data bundle via *141*2*163# and then activate data share by dialling *141*5#.
Contract customers need to call MTN Customer Call Centre on 808 or visit any MTN branded store or via the MTN Website at .

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