Useful loadshedding apps that will keep you updated

By Staff Writer
With load shedding always a possibility, many want to know when exactly they are going to be in the dark. There are now mobile apps which can tell you exactly that.
Last year Eskom released the MyEskom app, which not only highlights how to save energy, but also when there will be load shedding. However, in order to see the load shedding schedule, the app redirects users to the Eskom website.
My Eskom
The app will provide information on the forecasted status of the national power system, offer basic information about power outages and there's an in-app function, called 'Talk to Eskom', which will provide customers with a means to communicate with Eskom.
"We built the app to give electricity customers and users better and more direct access to information that applies to their own consumption profile," said Sal Laher, Eskom CIO and divisional executive for the Group Information Technology Division.
There is another app, specifically designed just to show the load shedding schedules.
This app aggregates the tweets from Eskom as to when there are going to load shedding, and also directs users straight to the Eskom website for the full schedule.
Eskom loadshed
"An application to actively monitor Eskom's load shedding status and notify you when it changes," highlighted the apps description.
This app will run in the background, and send notifications, based on GPS location as to when there will be load shedding.
All of these apps can be downloaded from the app store of mobile phones. For the full, upcoming schedules, click here.

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