Mango to reduce its airfares

By Staff Writer
Local low-cost airline Mango is reducing the cost of its airfares on all of their routes. This price cut is due to the recent drop in the fuel price.
Spokesperson for Mango Hein Kaiser said: "The more affordable fares will be rolled out this week. Travellers can expect [to see] a marked decrease across all fare classes."
In a press release, the airline stated that this reduction in flight costs comes as it tries to pass along the savings from the low fuel price on to its passengers.
Kaiser explained: "While the weakened Rand has somewhat negated the benefit of the lower oil price, Mango has substantially reduced some of its fares in order to pass the benefit of fuel savings to travellers… While it is not expected that the oil price will maintain current low levels for extended periods of time, Mango will continue to review its pricing to ensure that consumers enjoy its Air Fare fares."
Kaiser revealed that Mango believes in a philosophy of 'air fair', which means "passing on the benefit to our guests when the input cost in terms of fuel is reduced."
According to Kaiser, this will have a positive impact on the public. "[The decrease in airfares] would be a very positive move that will benefit South African consumers should our low cost peers follow suit."
The cost of flying
When the new airfares come into place, Mango says that travellers can expect to pay from R399 for a one way flight between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.
Kaiser highlights that the reduced airfares will not impact on the baggage rules. Passengers will still be allowed a full 20kg free checked bag allowance per person per booking, as well as hand luggage not exceeding 7kg.
"Combining the favourable luggage benefit along with reduced fares as part of our fuel price benefit price reduction continues to cement Mango's pole position as the most consistently affordable domestic airline," said Kaiser.
Other flights, such as FlySafair, and Kulula have cheaper flights, but there has been no word yet if they will also be reducing the costs of their air fares.
To make a booking on Mango, click here.

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