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More choices when streaming movies

By Staff Writer
MTN has just released its own video on demand (VOD) service, set to go up against other VOD offerings in South Africa.
FrontRow, the cellular company's VOD offering, is available on a subscription basis.
The subscription costs R179 a month or R399 a month with of an extra 10GB data bundle for streaming and viewing.
"FrontRow gives all customers, regardless of which network they subscribe with, access to thousands of movies and their favourite television series on up to five different devices, one device at a time," said MTN.
Watching on the go
FrontRow customers can view the content either on the MTN website, through iOS, or on their Android smartphones.
Customers can also link up to five devices, so that viewing is not restricted at all.
"FrontRow has more compelling material as it sources content from six studios compared to four studios that other providers have," said Larry Annetts, MTN CEO.
Annetts went on to say that the access to the six studios is why MTN FrontRow has exclusive content, and access to popular TV series which are not available on TV yet.
Vidi is also a VOD service, which was launched last year. Vidi has two options when it comes to viewing content: a monthly subscription to unlimited content for R149 a month, or renting the movies you want to watch.
The renting option prices vary on how popular the movie is, and when it was released. New releases are priced at R27, and older movies at R15.
The service can also be streamed on any device.
Node, unlike the others, requires you to install a "little box" (called a Node), in order to stream videos through the WI-FI. The videos are 'pushed' to the Node, where you can download and access them.
This is different from the other offerings where you have to stream the content you want to watch.

The offering from Altech is a set-top box similar to a decoder, which plugs straight into a TV. It costs R1999 to buy the Node, and then a R299 monthly subscription thereafter.

 explained that the movies on Node cost an extra fee, and are easy to access, much like on Vidi.
"Click on a film and you have the option of watching the trailer for more information, adding it to your favourites to watch later, or renting it straight away for R25. Latest releases are R25, but older titles are about R15," said the website.

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