MTN launches six month cheap data bundle promotion

By Staff Writer
Communications company MTN has launched a new data bundle package. This new data bundle promotion was launched on 2 March 2015, and will only be available for six months.
The new data bundle packages are available in weekly or fortnightly bundles, meaning that the data expires a week or two after it has been purchased.
The shorter expiration date on these data bundles is meant to encourage data consumption.
Low-cost data bundles
These low-cost data bundles offer customers between 50 megabytes (MB) and 1 gigabyte (GB) of data for a maximum of R59 for a weekly data bundle.
A fortnightly data bundle of 1GB is also available for R79.
In a recent report, MTN chief marketing officer for MTN South Africa, Larry Annetts explained that this promotion is aimed at keeping the company and its products relevant to the market and consumers.
According to reports, the new data bundle packages have been designed for customers that are not happy with the monthly bundle options, as they do not meet their usage requirements.
Table on data bundles and costs
Data bundle Price
50MB R7.00
100MB R12.00
300MB R29.00
500MB R39.00
1GB R59.00 (R79.00 for a fortnightly bundle)
MTN has also made changes to its out-of-bundle fees. Prepaid customers will now be charged 99 cents per MB.
Annetts said: “These revised out of bundles are meant to encourage our customers to purchase data bundles and experience the value offered by in-bundle rates, which are as low as 6 cents. This move also shields our customers from bill shock.”
For more information on other data bundle options, click here

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