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Smarter apps from banks

By Staff Writer
With the help of technology, banks are bringing out smarter apps to help you with all aspects of your life. Absa has released the Absa Homeowners app, which will help you search for your dream home.

First National Bank (FNB) also announced that they have added a new feature to their internet banking app – the option to draw money from an ATM without having your bank card.
Absa Homeowners’ app

Absa have partnered with Property24, one of South Africa’s biggest property websites, to bring you this app. Just like on Property24 you can filter your search to refine the results. This means that you can choose the location, price, property type, or the number of bedrooms you want.

Once the search results come back, you can scroll through property details and view pictures of the homes you are interested in.

You can also rate the properties you like and can save them to your device. Absa said that you can then access your saved properties later, even if you aren’t online.

Another feature shared with Property24, is that you can call and email estate agents to set up meetings directly from the app. If you want to save agent’s details in your address book, there is an option for that too.

Added features

The Homeowner’s app also has some added features that cannot be found on the Property24 site.

“[Customers can] use the calculators to estimate monthly repayments, transfer fees and bond costs, as well as the total cost of moving (calculations are for illustrative purposes only and final costs will be discussed with you during the home loan application process),” explained Absa.

The app will also locate the nearest Absa branch, and emails can be sent to the home loans department directly if you have further questions.

The app can be download from the Apple, and Android app stores. Even though it is a mobile app, Absa has said that it will work on iPads.

Cardless banking

FNB’s new cardless banking feature was “the logical next step” according to the bank.

FNB has 1.2 million devices, which currently make use of the banking app. Of these, the bank said that R2 billion had been withdrawn through the cardless cash withdrawal.

This means, that if a customer has cancelled their cheque card, or is waiting for a new card, they will still be able to withdraw money.

“Irrespective of the reason for not having a card with you, your mobile devices are unlikely to be more than an arm’s length away. Cardless and cashless features on digital channels ensure simplified banking and 24/7 access to accounts, no matter what the circumstances,” said Giuseppe Virgillito, head of banking app at FNB Digital Banking.

The latest version of the FNB banking app can be downloaded from Apple, Windows, Android and the Blackkberry app stores.
Both apps are free to download from the app stores. 

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