Does Flyafrica offer the cheapest flights to Zimbabwe?

By Staff Writer
According to a report, low cost airline, will be increasing its flights between Johannesburg and Harare from one to two per day as of 20 March. The introduction of an additional flight is aimed at business people.
Currently in South Africa there are only a limited number of airlines that fly between Johannesburg (OR Tambo International Airport) and Harare in Zimbabwe.
A comparison conducted by Justmoney (see the table below) has found that offers the cheapest flights between Johannesburg and Harare.
However, not all costs are included in the price of a ticket. The website states: “ believes you should pay for what you want. We offer a selection of optional services from which you can tailor-make your travel.”
As with local low cost airline FlySafair, excludes the cost of baggage from the airfare. If you have any luggage to check-in, you can do this at a discounted rate online while booking your flight, or at a standard rate when you arrive at the airport.
In addition, if your luggage weighs more than the allowed amount, you pay per extra kilogram up to 32kg, rather than a flat fee for excess baggage. also allows passengers to order any snacks ahead of the flight. The website explains: “Order your snacks and beverages before you fly and ensure that your selection is available and served to you on board.”
For more information on how you can customise your trip with, click here.
The cost of flights between Johannesburg and Harare
Below is a comparison for flights from four different airlines departing on 24 April and returning on 27 April*. The cheapest flight for each airline for the day is provided, along with the time of the flight.
Airline Departure Return Total cost R997.79 (16:00-17:35) R1 049 (08:25-10:00) R2 046.79
British Airways R2 097 (12:20-13:55) R2 097 (14:35-16:15) R4 194
South African Airways R1 489.72 (06:30-08:20) R1 542 (08:50-10:35) R3 031.72
Air Zimbabwe     R3 198**
**The Air Zimbabwe site is current down as it is under development. Justmoney contacted the ticketing office at OR Tambo International for flight details. The person that assisted Justmoney could not give us the individual departure and return flights costs, but said that the flight out of OR Tambo leaves at 19:00 on 24 April, and the return flight out of Harare leaves at 07:00 on 27 April.
Fly to Sun City from Johannesburg or Cape Town
On top of having an additional flight between Johannesburg and Harare, South Africans will now be able to catch a flight to Sun City out of OR Tambo International Airport or Cape Town International Airport.
The North West transport department is reported to have granted SA Express the right to run commercial flights in and out of Pilanesberg Airport. The airport is approximately 10km from Sun City.
Flights out of Johannesburg will reportedly cost R2 200 return and operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Whereas flights out of Cape Town will only run on Mondays and Fridays, and will cost passengers approximately R3 000 return. The flights will commence on 1 April.
For a flight from OR Tambo International Airport to Pilanesberg Airport leaving on 1 April at 09:30 (the only flight available), it will cost R1 047.72*. The return flight on 3 April at 16:20 (also the only flight available), will cost R1 023.72*.
*Prices accurate as of 19 March 2015.

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