A guide to Standard Bank’s Ucount

By Staff Writer
The Standard Bank Ucount Rewards Programme was started in 2013. It allows qualifying Standard Bank customers to collect rewards points when they shop with their Standard Bank personal Debit or Cheque, and Credit Card.
Fayelizabeth Foster, head of loyalty rewards at Standard Bank said: “Members can collect up to 10%* back in rewards points on all their grocery purchases and up to 1.25%* back in rewards points on all their other purchases.”
Who qualifies?
The Ucounts Rewards Programme is available to all Standard Bank customers who have qualifying transactional accounts.
These accounts are:
·         The Standard Bank Credit card,
·         The Standard Bank Debit card,
·         The Standard Bank Cheque card, and
·         The Standard Bank Private Banking Credit card.
To apply to the Standard Bank Ucount Rewards Programme Foster explains: “Standard Bank customers can join UCount Rewards by visiting www.standardbank.co.za/UCount or by calling the UCount Rewards call centre on 0860 UCOUNT (82 68 68).”
What you get
With your Ucount Rewards Programme, you can earn up to 10%* of your grocery purchases back in rewards points when you shop at any of the following food stores:
·         Checkers,
·         Checkers Hyper,
·         Food Lovers Market,
·         Fruit & Veg City,
·         Makro,
·         Pick n Pay,
·         Shoprite,
·         SPAR, and
·         Woolworths
However, the Standard Bank website states: “Collecting rewards points from Participating Grocery Retailers is limited to 20% of your total qualifying monthly card spend (that is the total value of all purchases made on your Debit/Cheque and/or Credit Card separately). This excludes non-Caltex fuel, toll and casino purchases. Grocery spend exceeding 20% of your card spend will qualify to collect grocery rewards at a lower rate of up to 1.25%* in rewards points.
“In addition, you get up to 1.25%* back in rewards points on all other purchases as well. However, this does not extend to “gambling, toll gates, cash advances, electronic funds transfers, inter-account transfers and payments, cash withdrawals, foreign exchange purchases, cheques issued, stop and debit orders, non-Caltex fuel purchase and garage card purchases.”
Standard Bank Ucount Rewards customers also benefit when they fill-up at any participating Caltex forecourts. Customers can receive up to R1 per litre back in points. As of 1 January 2015, the following rates apply:

Qualifying Bank Card Tier 1
0-400 tiering points
Tier 2
401-550 tiering points
Tier 3
551-700 tiering points
Tier 4
701+ tiering points
Collect Cap
Credit 20c 40c 60c R1 R1 000
Debit/Cheque 20c 30c 40c 50c

Source: https://ucount.standardbank.co.za/content/how-it-works/
This, again, is limited to 20% of your qualifying monthly card spend. Standard Bank explains: “[We] will total all fuel purchases made on your Debit/Cheque and/or Credit Card separately (excluding non-Caltex fuel, toll and casino purchases) to calculate your qualifying fuel spend.”
You can also earn up to 5%* back in rewards points when you shop at:
·         Altech Netstar,
·         Clicks,
·         Coricraft,
·         Fresh Stop,
·         Incredible Connection,
·         KFC, and
·         Tiger Wheel & Tyre
Charges and cancellation fees
Foster notes that there is a R20* per month membership fee or R240* per year, depending on the customer’s chosen payment option. She highlights that there are no cancellation fees.
“Members have the right, at any stage, to opt out of this service by contacting the UCount Rewards Contact Centre on 0860 UCOUNT (82 68 68),” said Foster.
The benefits
Foster states: “The benefit of reward programmes, such as UCount Rewards, is that customers get rewarded for purchasing products and services that they would normally buy anyway. Using your rewards programmes effectively also serves as a savings mechanism.”
With the Ucount Rewards Programme, 10 points is equivalent to R1. You can redeem your points at any participating retailer, or on the UCount Rewards Online and Travel Mall, as well as to gain access to the Bidvest Premier Airport lounges in South Africa, and for fuel purchases at Participating Caltex forecourts.
“Alternatively, Ucount Rewards members can convert their rewards points to Avios or SAA Voyager Miles,” adds Foster.
For more information visit the UCount Rewards website: https://ucount.standardbank.co.za/content/
*Figures accurate as of 25 February 2015.

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