FPI offers financial education to the public

By Staff Writer
The Financial Planning Institute (FPI) and the Gauteng Department of Economic Development’s Consumer Affairs Office (GOCA) have joined forces to provide free financial literacy seminars to the public this year.
The FPI highlights that the FPI MYMONEY123 financial literacy  seminars will be presented by Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professionals who have the knowledge and experience required to provide financial planning advice and education.
David Kop, advocacy and consumer affairs head at FPI, highlights that it is vital that people have a thorough understanding of their finances, particularly given the current financial climate.
“Even though 2015 has brought some welcomed relief in the form of lowered fuel prices, the low GDP growth will continue to present challenging financial times for South African consumers. As such, we are even more determined to ensure that South Africans are equipped with the knowledge and tools to manage their finances during this period,” stated Kop.
The FPI website explained: “FPI MYMONEY123 is a financial education community outreach programme initiated by the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) and will be implemented nationally through a number of group workshops.
“The aim of the programme is to actively engage all South Africans to consider and ponder their personal financial planning responsibilities and goals.”
The FPI MYMONEY123 programme will offer personal financial planning advice focused on three areas:
1.       Personal financial management and budgeting,
2.       Dealing with debt, and
3.       Understanding savings and investments.
Fati Manamela, chief director of consumer affairs and business compliance at the Gauteng Department of Economic Development, said: “We are equally aware of the challenge consumers are facing, and it remains our responsibility as part of the Gauteng Department of Economic Development, to rise up to this challenge.”
He added: “For us to collaborate with FPI, a key strategic stakeholder in professional financial planning, demonstrates our determination and commitment to empower consumers with skills to make informed decisions to manage their finances with confidence.”
In addition to the financial literacy seminars, the MYMONEY123 programme also introduces consumers to the idea of a personal financial guide. The FPI said on its website: “The public is introduced to the CFP designation and encouraged to seek out and engage with suitably qualified and experienced financial planners.”
For more information on the seminars, click here, or contact FPI on mymoney123@fpimail.co.za or call 086 1000 374 or 011 470 6000.

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