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MTN upping their prices

By Staff Writer

MTN announced in a press release yesterday that it will be “introducing revised subscription rates for its contract and data plans and reviewing its prepaid data bundle prices.”
MTN went on to highlight that “in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and MTN’s Subscriber Agreement terms and conditions, MTN will give its subscribers 20 working days’ notice prior to effecting the price changes for contract customers.”
Network investment costs
“In the last few years, MTN’s prices have been relatively stable despite the challenging economic environment and the substantial investment MTN has made on its network,” said the MTN press release.
However, the telecommunications company went on to say that in 2014, MTN underwent a process of reviewing its operations which was aimed at increasing efficiencies and reviewing its costs.
“This exercise was aimed at mitigating the impact of the challenging environment MTN operates in.  The reduction in mobile termination rates, coupled with the increased costs of network investment, has necessitated a review of pricing,” said MTN.
MTN is not the first network provider to increase its prices in recent weeks. Vodacom made the news a few weeks ago when it announced a price increase, and Cell C introduced new prices a few months ago.
Load shedding to blame
According to MTN, it has not increased its contract subscription prices for over a decade. However, in light of the recent spout of power outages due to load shedding, the company has invested in generators and back-up batteries to power its base stations.
“All these cumulative costs have compelled the operator to review its pricing as the last resort,” said MTN.
New MTN prices

Package/Price Plans New subscription
Minute 25 R45
Minute 50 R80
Minute 100 R145
Minute 200 R290
Minute 350 R420
Minute 500 R600
Minute 1000 R1050
MyMTNChoice TopUp R55
MyMTNChoice TopUp R110
Anytime Classic and TopUp R55
Anytime Classic and TopUp R110
Anytime Classic and TopUp R210
Anytime Classic and TopUp R370
Anytime Classic and TopUp R525
Anytime Classic and TopUp R800
Anytime Classic and TopUp R1300
Anytime Classic and TopUp R1600
Data Plan 20MB R15
Data Plan 100MB R30
Data Plan 300MB R40
Data Plan 500MB R55
Data Plan 1GB R85
Data Plan 2GB R139
Data Plan 3GB R209
Data Plan 5GB R309
Data Plan 10GB R519
Data Plan 20GB R1045
Rush Hour 10MB bundle R1.50
Rush Hour 50 MB bundle R5
Daily 20MB bundle R3
Daily 50MB bundle R7
Daily 100MB bundle R12
24 Hour Uncapped bundle R40
Weekly 50MB bundle R10
100MB Weekly bundle R15
300MB Weekly data bundle R35
500MB Weekly data bundle R45
1GB weekly data bundle R65
1GB fortnight data bundle R89
20MB monthly data bundle R12
50MB monthly data bundle R25
100MB monthly data bundle R35
300MB monthly data bundle R75
500MB monthly data bundle R105
1GB monthly data bundle R160
2GB monthly data bundle R260
3GB monthly data bundle R330
5GB monthly data bundle R430
10 GB monthly data bundle R650
20 GB monthly data bundle R1250
MTN Sky R2099
MTN Prestige R1899

*Source: MTN

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