Do South Africans still believe in Mother's Day?

By Staff Writer
Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday, 10 May). Have you already got your mother something nice? Or are you waiting to the last minute before you do?

Pick n Pay (PNP) wanted to answers to those questions, and also whether or not South Africans believed that Mother’s Day was worth all the fuss.

Out of almost 3 000 respondents, a small percentage (6.9%) didn’t see the point of the day at all, followed by those who thought that is was as important as any other celebration (13.8%).

Then 15.2% told PNP that it was a day like any other.
“However, those moms looking forward to being spoilt on the day can relax: the vast majority of respondents (63.6%) thought Mother’s Day is a great reason to do something special and “show mom she’s the best”,” said PNP.

Planning for Mother’s Day

PNP also asked customers how far in advance they plan for mother’s Day.

The results to this question showed that many people were pressed for time. This is because the majority of respondents said they “planned only a few days in advance, just in time to buy a great gift and organise something to mark the day (54%)”.
The next largest group of respondents are those who plan “very much in advance” (18.8%) of those who plan to celebrate the day want it to be “perfect” so they give themselves plenty of time to prepare.

There are of course also those who leave it all to the last minute (16.4%), while 215 respondents (7.7%) said they didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day at all.

Buying gifts

When asked how they went about buying presents for mother’s day, 61.2% said they chose the gift themselves to make sure it was perfect.

Shopping online was an option for 4.2%, as it is seen as easier and a time-saver, and a way to get that last minute gift.
For some, though, it was more than just about going out and buying something with 29.5% saying they planned to make lunch, or bake a cake instead of buying a gift.

Top gifts

According to PNP, the top five gifts for Mother’s Day are: 
  • Flowers
  • Perfume
  • Chocolate
  • Spa days and treatments
  • Holidays and weekends away
Other gifts included a woven basket, packed with 12 gifts for each month following Mother’s Day to show that it isn’t just a once-off day, and breakfast in bed. 

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