Petrol prices increase

By Staff Writer
Petrol prices increased today, seeing consumers having to pay over R13 a litre again. The Department of Energy (DoE) said that this increase was based on both national and international trends.

“International factors include the fact that South Africa imports both crude oil and finished products at a price set by the global markets, including shipping costs,” said the DoE.

Motorists can now expect to pay 47 cents more a litre for both leaded and unleaded petrol.

Paraffin will also go up by 42 cents a litre, with Diesel increasing by 49 cents a litre.

The DoE said that the main reason for the fuel price increase is the high crude oil prices which resulted in higher prices (on average) for all the petroleum products in the international markets in May 2015 compared to April 2015.                                                                                                               
Increase for petroleum products

Petrol 95 and 93 (ULP & LRP)  47.000 cents per litre increase in retail price    
Diesel 0.05%  Sulphur  49.000 cents per litre increase in wholesale price    
Diesel 0.005% Sulphur  46.000 cents per litre increase in wholesale price    
Illuminating Paraffin (Wholesale)  42.000 cents per litre increase in wholesale price    
Illuminating Paraffin (SMNRP)  56.000 c/l increase in the Single Maximum National Retail price (SMNRP)
Maximum Retail Price for LPGAS  100.000 cents per kilogram increase in the maximum retail price  
Table of petrol prices

Petrol Inland Coast
Unleaded LRP Unleaded LRP
93 95 93 93 95 95
03 June 2015 R13.08 R13.36 R13.08 R12.82 R12.93 R12.93
06 May 2015 R12.61 R12.89 R12.61 R12.35 R12.46 R12.46
01 April 2015 R12.61 R12.89 R12.61 R12.35 R12.46 R12.46
04 March 2015 R11.05 R11.27 R11.05 R10.81 R10.86 R10.86
04 February 2015 R10.09 R10.31 R10.09 R9.85 R9.90 R9.90
07 January 2015 R11.02 R11.24 R11.02 R10.78 R10.83 R10.83
Source: Automobile Association of South Africa (AA), correct as of 3 June 2015.

Table of diesel prices

Diesel Reef Coast
  New   New
0.05% 0.01% 0.05% 0.01%
03 June 2015 R11.67 R11.70 R11.34 R11.40
06 May 2015 R11.18 R11.24 R10.85 R10.91
01 April 2015 R11.23 R11.29 R10.90 R10.96
04 March 2015 R10.00 R10.05 R9.70 R9.74
04 February 2015 R9.26 R9.31 R8.96 R9.00
07 January 2015 R10.28 R10.33 R9.98 R10.02

Source: Automobile Association of South Africa (AA), correct as of 3 June 2015. 

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