New credit record app

By Staff Writer
Being able to access your credit record is important, in order to know your financial standing and make a change.

A new app, the Akani Mobile Credit Report App, allows you to access your XDS Credit Bureau record on the go.

The app has been developed by Akani Solutions, and is only available for Android phones. You can simply download the app via Play Store for free.

If you get your credit report from any of the registered credit bureaus in South Africa you get your first one free in the year. Thereafter you need to pay.

Unfortunately, if you decide to download Akani’s credit report app there is a small fee involved. After registering your details on your phone you can retrieve your report, at a cost of R29. You then have to follow the authentication process in order to view it.

The payment process for the report is conducted through PayPal and debit or credit card.

The report

Akani Solutions said that the report will show you all your basic information, which you have submitted, such as your name surname, and address, as well as marital status.

The report will also show you any adverse information such as default, judgment, or notice against you.

Akani CEO Keystone Sono told Fin24 that users will be able to receive instant notifications whenever there was activity on their credit profile if they chose to subscribe to the ID monitoring service.

If you would like to know how to build a good credit record, Justmoney’s sister website has a guide to help you out, click here.

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