Fuel price to decrease on Wednesday

By Staff Writer
The Department of Energy announced on Friday that fuel prices will be decreasing on Wednesday 5 August. Petrol will be decreasing by 51 cents per litre, while diesel will drop by 75.82 cents per litre. (For a table of the prices, scroll down)
One of the contributing factors for the lowering of fuel prices is the weakening of the Rand against the US Dollar. “The weakening of the Rand against the US Dollar decreased the contribution to the Basic Fuels Price on petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin by 4.87 cents per litre, 4.25 cents per litre and 4.19 cents per litre respectively,” explained the Department of Energy.
As a result, fuel prices will decrease in the following way:
·         Petrol 95 and 93 (ULP and LRP) will decrease by 51 cents per litre in the retail price.
·         Diesel 0.05% sulphur will decrease by 75.82 cents per litre in the wholesale price.
·         Diesel 0.005% (0.01%) sulphur will decrease by 73.82 cents per litre in the wholesale price.
·         The wholesale price of illuminating paraffin will decrease by 70 cents per litre.
·         The Single Maximum National Retail Price (SMNRP) for illuminating paraffin will decrease by 93 cents per litre.
·         The maximum retail price for LPGAS will decrease by 89 cents per kilogram.
In addition to a decrease in fuel prices, consumers will also be experiencing an increase in the Petroleum Products Levy, which will jump up to 0.33 cents per litre from 0.15 cents per litre from 5 August.
The price adjustments
Petrol Inland Coast
Unleaded LRP Unleaded LRP
93 95 93 93 95 95
5 August 2015* R13.01 R13.26 R13.01 R12.75 R12.83 R12.83
1 July 2015 R13.52 R13.77 R13.52 R13.26 R13.34 R13.34
3 June 2015 R13.08 R13.36 R13.08 R12.82 R12.93 R12.93
6 May 2015 R12.61 R12.89 R12.61 R12.35 R12.46 R12.46
1 April 2015 R12.61 R12.89 R12.61 R12.35 R12.46 R12.46
4 March 2015 R11.05 R11.27 R11.05 R10.81 R10.86 R10.86
4 February 2015 R10.09 R10.31 R10.09 R9.85 R9.90 R9.90
7 January 2015 R11.02 R11.24 R11.02 R10.78 R10.83 10.83
Source: AA and Department of Energy
*Prices calculated according to 51 cent per litre decrease from July 2015 prices.
Diesel Inland Coast
0.05% 0.01% (0.005%) 0.05% 0.01% (0.005%)
5 August 2015* R10.95 R11.00 R10.62 R10.69
1 July 2015 R11.71 R11.74 R11.38 R11.44
3 June 2015 R11.67 R11.70 R11.34 R11.40
6 May 2015 R11.18 R11.24 R10.85 R10.91
1 April 2015 R11.23 R11.29 R10.90 R10.96
4 March 2015 R10.00 R10.05 R9.70 R9.74
4 February 2015 R9.26 R9.31 R8.96 R9.00
7 January 2015 R10.28 R10.33 R9.98 R10.02
Source: AA and Department of Energy
*Prices calculated according to 75.82 cent per litre for 0.05% sulphur diesel, and 73.82 cents per litre for 0.01% sulphur diesel decreases from July 2015 prices.

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