Buy Stikeez for R4.99

By Staff Writer
Regardless of whether you love them or hate them, Stikeez have taken South Africa by storm and there are many people collecting them, trading them and most children love playing with them. 

If you are a Stikeez collector with a number of these figurines missing from your collection, the good news is that Pick n Pay are now giving you the opportunity to get the entire set for just R4.99 per piece. Pick n Pay are selling the Stikeez in clear packs so you will know what you are purchasing. You don’t have to do the obligatory R150 spend at Pick n Pay to get a Stikeez. 
“Yes, Pick n Pay is selling a limited number of special Stikeez in clear packaging for R4.99 each to help customers and their children complete their collections. They will be on sale at all Pick n Pay stores nationwide from today, 7 September. Pick n Pay will still have promotional Stikeez – one for every R150 spent – while stocks last,” a spokesperson told Justmoney. 
In spite of Pick n Pay’s latest announcement, people are still trying to sell their Stikeez collections online. At the time writing, one collector was trying to sell her entire collection for R500 on Gumtree.  
It’s unlikely that Pick n Pay will extend the Stikeez promotion beyond the 20th September 2015 deadline. When asked Pick n Pay said: “The popularity of Stikeez has exceeded even Pick n Pay’s expectations. The campaign may be coming to an end, but it’s clear that Stikeez has created a lot of fun, which was Pick n Pay’s intention.”
Last week, Pick n Pay also allowed customers to trade their Stikeez doubles at their retail stores. The swap took place between 10am and 12pm on Saturday 5 September.
Stikeez under fire
When Justmoney first asked for opinions about Stikeez on Facebook, some dismissed them as mere gimmicks and pollutants. However, this week some commentators in a Facebook group have claimed that Stikeez are satanic.

According to one report, the group is accusing the toys of ‘being an infernal plot to drag children's souls down to the burning abyss’. 

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