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Cell C increases contract buyout value

By Jessica Anne Wood

Cell C is now able to bail you out of your contract to the tune of R20, 000. The provider upped its contract buy out packed by R10, 000 but it has to date not answered Justmoney’s queries as to why it did so.
Last year Cell C made news when it announced its contract buyout campaign. It was willing to help customers buy themselves out of their current contracts with competing cell phone network providers to switch to Cell C to the value of R10 000.
Contract buy out customers do not have to trade-in their cell phone. The value of the contract buyout that you get to buy yourself out of your existing contract will depend on the new contract with Cell C that you choose to take out. In order to qualify for the R20 000 contract buyout, you need to sign up for a Pinnacle or EPIC contract with Cell C.
Cell C explained: “The EPIC and Pinnacle Contract buyout value proposition is to target customers who want to break free from their current service providers but have an outstanding value to settle before they can cancel. Cell C contract buyout gives you the flexibility to buyout your contract with another provider. You get up to R20, 000 in the form of a gift card to buyout your contract. The value to you, the customer, will get is subject to the EPIC plan being activated.”
The contract buyout options
The EPIC contract buyout options are as follows:

  Airtime included SMS only fee Contract buyout amount
EPIC 200 R200.00 R129.00 R2,000.00
EPIC 350 R350.00 R229.00 R4,000.00
EPIC 500 R500.00 R339.00 R6,000.00
EPIC 650 R650.00 R499.00 R10,000.00
EPIC 1000 R1,000.00 R699.00 R20,000.00

Source: Cell C website
In addition to these five EPIC contract options, you also have the choice of one of the below Pinnacle contract options to choose from.

  Price per month Inclusive data per month Inclusive minutes per month Inclusive SMS per month
Pinnacle 1 R499.00 1GB 600 minutes 600
Pinnacle 2 R699.00 2GB 1,000 minutes 1,000
Pinnacle 3 R999.00 10GB Unlimited Unlimited

Source: Cell C website
It is important to note that if you consequently decide to cancel your contract with Cell C, you will be eligible for the any cancellation fees, and the contract buyout value that was awarded to you.
“In the event of cancelling your contract, Cell C will claw-back the value or gift card allocation in addition to the standard cancellation fees,” it stated.

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