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R20 million up for grabs this Easter with LOTTO

By Danielle van Wyk

South Africans stand a chance to score more than Easter eggs this weekend, with the R20 million LOTTO jackpot up for grabs. This cash prize offering on Saturday 26 March comes as Ithuba celebrates its 16th year of being in the South African market.

“Since Ithuba took over the National Lottery from June 2015, LOTTO has created over 7.1 million winners of which 37 were jackpot winners and 29 millionaires as of Monday 21March 2016. Lotto Plus has created 6.4 Million winners, 35 Jackpot winners with four of them being millionaires,” stated Ithuba.

In addition, the total jackpots paid out to date stand at over R159 million for LOTTO winners and R25 million for LOTTO PLUS winners.

“Other LOTTO highlights include guaranteed jackpot winnings of R25 million and two R20 million respectively,” highlighted Ithuba.

To stand a chance at becoming a multi-millionaire, simply purchase your ticket through any of the Ithuba channels at National Lottery, or alternatively visit any of your local FNB or Nedbank branches, traditional retailers or from any informal trader handheld devices.

Tickets for the guaranteed jackpot will go on sale from today (Thursday, 24 March 2016) said Ithuba. 

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