Review of WRewards and Woolworths App

By Jessica Anne Wood

Through the Woolworths App, which links to your WRewards card from clothing and food retailer Woolworths, you can access an array of information on your shopping behaviour. But be warned: the amount of money you spend with Woolworths accessible through your finger tips and the information can be quite depressing. According to my shopping history on the WRewards App, from 29 June 2015 to 29 May 2016 I spent a total of R25, 870.24 at Woolworths, and saved R882.90 with WRewards.

What’s depressing is that it not only shows you what you spent but how much you get back in rewards, which is not a lot in comparison to the spend. I was quite shocked at the amount that my family and I spent over an 11 month period. If you’re interested in finding out your spending habits at Woolies you can do so by clicking on the ‘WRewards Saving’ button. The App provides a breakdown of what you spent each month and the value your savings thanks to WRewards.

The App allows you to connect your Woolworths store card and your WRwards card.

The good news is by linking your WRewards card to the app you gain access to vouchers that offer you discounts on a range of items in the store.

Getting started

The App is available on Apple and Android phones. You simply have to go to your phone’s app store and search for Woolworths. Once the App is downloaded, you enter your card number and ID number to link the App to your account.

When your WRewards card is linked to the App, you can access exclusive WRewards vouchers, as well as track your spending. The App also informs you which tier status you are currently on, and how much you need to spend to move up to the next tier. (See below for more information on the WRewards tiers).

When you are on the App, it will inform you when you have active vouchers. By clicking on the ‘Active Vouchers’ tab, you are able to see which vouchers are available to you. By clicking on a specific voucher, you open a page with a barcode, which is then scanned at the till when you are paying for your items.

While I welcome any way to save money I have to add that the vouchers I received so far were for products that I’d never purchased at Woollies before. This seems strange when you consider that Woollies would have the ability to track and see what my family and I spend our money on through the rewards card.

Track your spending

In addition to earning WRewards savings, you also earn EarthCred, which helps you move up the tier structure faster. “We're committed to helping you tread lightly on the planet. Enjoy 10% savings on a wide range of 'green' products and earn extra value to accelerate your move to a higher status level every time you buy these specially marked products,” explains the Woolworths website.

Woolworths’ WRewards

The WRewards programme from Woolworths rewards customers with discounts on selected items. The Woolworths website explains: “WRewards is our way of rewarding customers instantly. WRewards members save millions every week.”

The rewards programme allows you access to:

  • Up to 20% instant savings on thousands of items throughout the store, from food to clothing to homeware to beauty and more.
  • Tiered benefits: The more you spend at Woolworths’ stores, the quicker you move up the three tiers, and the more benefits you earn.*
  • By paying with a Woolworths store card or credit card you earn an additional five percent saving on WRewards offers.

*The three tiers for the WRewards programme are as follows:

If you sign up for the Woolworths newsletter as a WRewards member, you also get weekly emails highlighting the items in store that you can get special on as a WRewards member.

Are the rewards worth it?

I am currently at Loyal status, and the App informs me I need to spend R1, 129.75 more to move to VIP status.

Looking at the amount that was spent over the previous year, and the value of the instant savings I received as a WRewards member, I have to say that it appears that the savings you get are not worth it when you consider how much is spent.

Perhaps if you are a more frugal shopper and only shop the items that offer WRewards savings and use the vouchers that you receive, and do not purchase anything else, your saving might be more. However, most people would not go to the store to shop like this. People pick a store because they like the quality of the service and/or products, the convenience, or the cost of the items etc. It will be up to individual shoppers to determine if the WRewards offered to them are worth their time and money in getting to the store and the cost of any items they may have to pay in full.

 Handy tip: If you have gotten into debt with your purchasing and you are struggling to repay it, you can apply for debt counselling through Justmoney, click here.

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