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FSB warns against Olmen Finance Services

By Jessica Anne Wood

Olmen Finance Services is not an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP), the Financial Services Board (FSB) has warned.  Olmen Finance Services has been conducting business using another company’s FSP number, and the public has been warned against conducting business with it.

“It has been brought to the Registrar’s attention that the entity purports to have been issued with the FSP Number 45823 belonging to Andiset (Pty) Ltd trading as All Things Financial,” revealed the FSB.

However, the FSB clarified that Andiset (Pty) Ltd (trading as All Things Financial) is not associated or linked to Olmen Finance Services. Due to this, Olmen Finance Services is not authorised to use the FSP number 45823.

“The Registrar authorised Andiset (Pty) Ltd trading as All Things Financial with FSP Number 45823 to conduct business as a financial services provider on 7 April 2015,” added the FSB.

If you want to conduct financial business with an institution or person, the FSB advised checking if the person or institution is authorised to render the service first. To do this, you can contact the FSB via 0800 110 443 or on their website at

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