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FSB warns against “non-residential permit” scam

By Danielle van Wyk

The Financial Services Boards (FSB) has warned the public against corresponding with any mail sent under the subject line “Non-residential permit” claiming to be from global financial institution HSBC Bank PLC.

The latest fraudulent thread, is complete with a fake certificate bearing the FSB’s name and logo.

According to the bogus mail, “the recipient has complied with the mandatory first minimum deposit and certificate of inheritance and fund release certificate on the recipient’s funds which will be credited into an online banking that will be set up in the recipient’s name.

“Furthermore, according to the certificate, the requisition of the FSB requires that this type of fund must be duly registered with non-residential permit before the official online banking before approval could be granted for online banking internationally,” explained the FSB.

Upon receipt of the said permit, the online banking facility would be open to immediate access for transferring of the recipient’s inheritance.

This can be transferred to any designated bank account globally in abidance with the Finance department and the South African financial regulation Act policy of 19 (C) as amended in 2001.

“HSBC South Africa has confirmed that such e-mails do not originate from their offices.  The FSB also has no connection whatsoever to these e-mails and/or fake certificate to “non-residential permits”,” stated the FSB.

The Board further reminded consumers to do their homework and check before engaging in business with any financial services or institution by calling their toll free number (0800 110 443) or visiting their website

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