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Career app offers guidance to students

By Jessica Anne Wood

TshedzaApp was developed by Mbavhalelo Mabogo with the aim of helping students choose the right career path for them. The app was officially launched in October 2015. According to a report, Mabogo came up with the idea when his nephew realised that taking Maths Literacy as one of his school subjects had limited his career options, thereby affecting his entire future.

“We wanted to create something that could assist learners with selecting the right course/degree/diploma for their particular talents and subject marks so they could plan better and sooner, and to avoid witnessing a situation such as this in the future,” said Mabogo.

Below we answer eight questions about the TshedzaApp:

  1. How much does it cost? The app is available for free download on Google Play.
  2. How many people have used the app so far? There are currently close to 4,000 high school students and graduates using the app.
  3. At what age should students start using the app? From grade 9 where high school students are expected to select their subjects and the careers they want to pursue.
  4. Does the app aim to replace the career counsellors? No. Tshedza is to career planning what a calculator is to mathematics. It makes the career planning process much easier, faster and less tedious.
  5. How many courses can you view using the app? You can view as many careers as you like. Our built in database is close to 1000 careers in the app and are all linked with courses, universities, subject’s requirements, bursaries and also industrial professionals.
  6. Does it work on any phone? At the moment it only works on phones that have an Android operating system. This means it will work on your Samsung, Huawei, LG, Kicka, etc. Tshedza is looking to release it on the Blackberry and the web.
  7. Will the app work without an internet connection? No. The app needs data bundles or Wi-Fi to work.
  8. What does Tshedza mean? Tshedza is a TshiVenda word that means “light” so that you may “find your way”. According to Mabogo, this app helps bring some light to the confusion and frustration that most young people experience when they have to decide about their future.

How does the app work?

According to Mabogo, the app empowers learners by introducing them to various career paths that they may pursue. “In order to close the mismatch between university supply and industry demand we created features that encourages them also to pursue careers in demand.”

Once a student has found a career that they are interested in, the app allows them to interactively find courses linked to it, as well as subject combinations, and APS scores that are required, along with other information.

“Through the app they are also able to find out if they qualify for the career linked courses (or not and why not) in all universities and universities of technology of RSA. Once they qualify, the app finds bursaries linked to that course at the university,” explained Mabogo.

Mabogo added that the app is “full of industrial professionals in medicine, engineering, science, research and sports to guide learners in the process and in get them excited about a career.”

“In the cases where it is remote areas, the app provides a world of options instantaneously which the learner may have not been aware they exists and thus will increase their awareness,” explained Tshedza.

Looking to the future

The goal with the TshedzaApp is to reach 500,000 learners over the next three years. “We want to cause a serious dent on the frustration that most young people experience when they have to decide about their future.  We want to reduce unemployment by lowering the industry-graduate mismatch by promoting careers currently in demand in RSA,” revealed Mabogo.

Looking ahead to 2017, Mabogo stated that Tshedza aims to embark on an awareness project to train 40,000 high school learners across South Africa. “We are currently looking for private industry companies to partner with us on this journey.”


To see more on the app and to download it, click here.


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