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6% Vehicle licence registration fee increase for Western Cape

By Jessica Anne Wood

Western Cape government has released proposed fee increases for vehicle licence registrations for public comment. The average proposed increase is six percent, with the increases coming into effect from 1 April 2017.

Donald Grant, Minister of Transport and Public Works for the Western Cape government, explained that the fees gathered from vehicle licence registration and licencing, together with budgetary allocations, help keep the province’s roads “in a condition significantly above that of other provinces.”

The fees are used to assist with the following:

  • Build, upgrade and maintain the provincially-owned road network.
  • Assist municipalities to fund the maintenance of their more strategic roads.
  • Continue to reduce the maintenance backlog, which has been decreased by 16.2% over the last six years.

The draft regulation has been published in the Provincial Gazette Extraordinary 7704 for public comment. You have until Thursday, 15 December 2016 to submit comment.

The proposed fees


Source: Provincial Gazette Extraordinary 7704


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