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Get a second medical opinion for free

By Angelique Ruzicka

Many people don’t go for second medical opinions because the cost of doing so is too high. Others don’t go because of the trust they put into their family GP and his or her ability to provide an accurate diagnosis.

However, specialist life insurer FMI is hoping to put an end to patients feeling the need to forgo getting a second opinion by providing it as a free benefit on all FMI individual policies. The service provides an independent review of a patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan from a choice of more than 107 leading medical centres around the world.

FMI points out that patients seem to be satisfied to simply accept the diagnosis or advice given by doctors or medical professionals the first time around. And the fact is that we shouldn’t because according to their partner Mediguide, 18% of all original diagnoses are incorrect.
There are more benefits to asking for another opinion. A Harvard study found that doctors performing a medical second opinion enhanced the original treatment programme up to 90% of the time. The second opinion also gives the patient peace of mind about their condition and treatment, while also educating them on their options thus equipping them to make better decisions about their health. Besides being free, Medical Second Opinion is also simple, user-friendly and the turnaround time is within 10 days.
“A second opinion can make all the difference in putting a patient on the right road to recovery and we are committed to helping our clients every step of the way,” said Brad Toerien, CEO of FMI.

“We know that when facing a serious medical condition you can feel completely overwhelmed, especially at a time when you need to make key decisions about your condition. At this crucial stage, you and your doctor want to be certain that you’re considering every available option – no matter the cost,” Toerien added.

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