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Increase is cash robberies expected in April

By Jessica Anne Wood

It is an unfortunate reality that over holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter, as well as public holidays, there is an increase in crime. Cash Connect Management Solutions have warned that the upcoming Easter weekend will see a peak in crime.

“All indications suggest that the retail sector experienced over 150% increase in robberies in 2016. In the same period, the use of plastic explosives in attempts to steal from cash deposit devices increased by over 400%. We can reasonably expect to see a spike in business crime during April as consumers go on holiday and the volume of cash increases at retail stores across the country,” noted Richard Phillips, joint CEO of Cash Connect Management Solutions.

According to Cash Connect, trends indicate that syndicates attack in groups of six to 12 armed men, with armed robberies contributing the highest number of attacks, followed by business burglaries.

“The common use of plastic explosives in the execution of an armed robbery against cash deposit devices and the dramatic increase in this kind of attack suggests that criminals are enjoying an abnormally high degree of success and that many of the devices in use are not strong enough to offer the type of resistance necessary to discourage them,” noted Cash Connect.

There are a number of steps that both retailers and consumers can take to protect themselves from falling victim to cash robberies. Richard Phillips, joint CEO of Cash Connect Management Solutions, advised:

  • Alternate the days and times on which you deposit cash.
  • Never make your bank or ATM visits public, even to people close to you.
  • Do not openly display the money you are depositing while you are standing at an ATM or in a bank queue.
  • Avoid carrying money bags or briefcases when approaching an ATM or when standing in a bank queue.
  • It’s advisable to identify another branch or ATM nearby that you can visit to ensure that your banking pattern is not easily recognisable or detected.
  • Refrain from driving to the bank in your company branded vehicle on a typical ‘pay day’.
  • Avoid paying wages in cash to your staff and consider arranging for electronic transfers for wages to your contract or casual labourers’ personal bank accounts.
  • Take the time to investigate converting to an automated cash management service and take away all of the risk inherent in the above.

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