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Black Friday: Furnishing your new apartment

By Isabelle Coetzee

Finding a new apartment is only half the trouble when you decide to move into an unfurnished flat. Before sending boxes and bags to your new home, you need to make sure you’ve also secured appliances, cupboards, and furniture.

It may be wonderful to hand-pick every item in your new home, but with a limited budget you might end up glued to Gumtree for hours chasing second-hand deals. This is definitely a valuable way to fill your apartment on a budget, but what if you’d like to buy brand-new items?

With Black Friday quickly approaching, this might be the ideal time to decorate your new home with everything you’ve dreamed of.

Several South African brands will lower their prices for one day only, including the following stores where you can find beds, appliances, furniture, and cupboards:

Originally an American holiday, Black Friday signifies the day when retailers, who’ve been making a loss for most of the year (running into the “red”), started to break even (“black”) and would make massive profits during the upcoming holiday season.

Black Friday always occurs on the last Friday of the month, the day after America’s thanksgiving. This is the first holiday around the end of the year, and Americans have traditionally gone shopping on this day.

Since other countries, including South Africa, also celebrate the end of year holidays around the same time, local retailers decided to start participating as well.

As a South African, what can you expect? Have a look at the below video of what happened last year…

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