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Christmas meats on a budget

By Danielle van Wyk

When it comes to making the Christmas lunch there is often huge debate around who is to make the Christmas meats, from the gammon, turducken and salted beef to the leg of lamb and maybe roast chicken. It is quite the task as the meats may be ordered and bought from very specific places, spiced and carefully marinated in advance, even down to the carving on Christmas day holds tradition. While we typically strive for only the best on Christmas lunch, are we overspending on the meats? This year explore ways to save on this.

1.Shop around: As with majority things you buy, when wanting to make a saving, it is always advised that you shop around. This will allow you to better decide which is the better deal, and hopefully save you some money in the process.

Understanding that sauntering from store to store in the rush can be a bit tedious, there are sites like PriceCheck to assist you through the process. Here you able to hop online and compare the prices of items across stores and ask questions if need be.

2.Consider buying from a butchery: “Buying local meat can save you some money
You see, when you purchase local meat, you save the cost of shipping your food across the country, or even the cost of importing it from another country.  In addition, since the meat is not passing through a series of wholesalers and retailers, you will get the absolute best price for the meat (except for clearance items.),” states the Food and Cooking Guide.[I1] 

Butcheries also offer you the advantage of bulk buying, as you’re able to purchase an entire sheep or lamb, for example, and have them divide it up for you. Usually these buys are also cheaper than if you were buying select cuts.

Country Meat and Meat World, are examples of such butcheries and boasts both local stores and an online shop.

3.Try and buy from a Deli: If you find that you tend to enjoy the meat at a certain deli restaurant like The Butchers Shop & Grill, for example, then it may be worth your while doing some enquiry into their products and prices. This may present as a pricier option than the rest but if it is quality you are after then this could be for you.

4.Source farm products: For some, the idea of fresh-off-the-farm produce is the way to go. In this instance you may want to consider sourcing your meat from some of the local farms in your area. Karan Beef is one such outlet. Here they pride themselves on all things premium meat. Again, they too boast with an online shop for your convenience.

5. Make use of coupon sites: Consider making use of coupon sites like Tiendo and CouponSA where you can gain access to coupons to use on potential big buys like your Christmas meats. For many of the coupon sites it is as simple as registering an account and gaining access to coupons that you can print and use instore.

6. Redeem your loyalty points: If you haven’t been swiping away at your store loyalty rewards cards then it may be something to keep in mind for next year. But if you have then why not put it to good use. Supermarket meat prices tend to be pricey this time of year, but cashing in on your accrued loyalty points could you see you saving.

Christmas is the time of year where we are meant to indulge in good food with great company, and skimping on that would seem like a missed opportunity. But the experience doesn’t always have to mean you being flat broke come January.

 [I1]Which food and cooking guide?

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