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Day Zero: What you need to be stocking up on

By Danielle van Wyk

“It’s because of wasteful people like you that we have Day Zero”, was the remark from one train passenger to another this morning. What followed was a heated debate on water usage and how Capetonians simply aren’t doing their bit.

12 April, or as Capetonians have dubbed it ‘Day Zero’, has everyone up in arms as citizens are urged to consume less than 50 litres per person per day. The warnings have resulted in pandemonium as residents’ flock to emptying store shelves of 5 litre water containers to store in the wake of the drought. If you find yourself wanting to stock up, but are not sure where to start, the following is a list of suggestions:

Scent free baby wipes: Being able to not take a shower or simply wash your hands at will, can be very uncomfortable, especially in the harsh summer heat. Stocking up on wet wipes to assist in these tasks could be of help.

Price: R35 for a pack of 72 – Takealot

Dry Shampoo: The idea of not being able to wash your hair to some might make their skin crawl. So, instead of entirely embracing the forced-grunge-look why not consider implementing dry shampoo into your beauty routine. This way, you can alternate washes and still avoid an itchy scalp.

Price: Expect to pay anywhere between R40 – R89 size and brand dependent – Clicks

Glade fabric spray:  Dirty laundry is one of life’s biggest headaches as is, couple that to a lack of water, and you’ve got many an unhappy camper. Glade, however, may be just what you’re looking for. An odour eliminator that gently removes odours from fabrics, easily. This can go a long way in extending the period between wash days.

Price: For more information on the price specifics, contact Glade.

Wee Pong: It is rare these days to use any public toilet, especially, without some or other sign about not flushing unless need be. This has been encouraged in homes too. While flushing consumes unnecessary water, it can get pretty smelly after a while if you choose not to. For this reason, you may want to invest in Wee Pong. This simple enzymatic spray solution allows you to leave urine in the toilet bowl without suffering the unpleasant smells associated with stagnant and decomposing urine. It is also 100% environment and water friendly.

Price: R99.50 – SEAL Water Tech

Eco-friendly paper plates, cups, utensils and napkins: Consider stocking up on environmentally-friendly eating utensils, plates and cups that you could simply throw away as opposed to having to spend water on washing.

Alternatively, you could make use of a spray bottle of washing liquid water to wipe plates and utensils clean after use.

Price: Visit Pick n pay or your local supermarket for pricing options

Non-perishables: There is no denying that cooking requires using water. Instead why not consider buying non-perishables as far as you can and doing meal-prep in advance to ensure you aren’t caught off guard. Whether it’s a tin of tuna fish, beans, soup or freezable ready-to-eat cold meats, ensuring you are thinking ahead could save you.

Price: Visit Pick n pay or your local supermarket for pricing options

Bicarb and vinegar: Cleaning your home is still an essential and with common pantry items like bicarb and vinegar you could avoid the incorporation of bucket loads of water. Simply mix either bicarb or vinegar into a water spray bottle and clean away! The added benefit of these products is that they do not destroy grey water for further use.

Price: Visit Pick n pay or your local supermarket for pricing options

Water purification tablets: Rain water catchments have become popular in households, but you may be weary on whether to drink the water or not. Investing in water purification tablets can solve that problem. Simply pop one tablet per one litre of water. This is especially a must-have treatment for potentially harmful water sources.

Price: R50 per pack – Outdoor warehouse

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