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3 Top personal finance apps for you to try

By Danielle van Wyk

Thanks to technology we are able to track practically everything at the click of a button. This includes our heart rate, our social connections, our Uber rides, even our spending!

In the vein of the upcoming Budget Speech we thought we’d take a look at some of the top personal finance apps on the market to help you track your budget.


Old Mutual’s 22Seven is becoming increasingly popular with its ease of navigation, simple account integration, spending tracker and external financial service offerings.

“The first thing you’ll do is link your money stuff: cheque and savings accounts, credit and store cards, investments, loans and rewards,” says 22Seven, which boasts with over a hundred institutions you can link.

Further, to link accounts, you need to enter your login details, including passwords. This is safe, secure and comes with insurance. And millions of people around the world have done it for many years, they highlight.

Essentially, this app provides you with a detailed overview of your spending habits.

In addition, however, this app also allows you to link your investment accounts.

Cost: Free download

2.Good Budget

This is an internationally renowned app that prides itself on developing you into a great budgeter.

This simple, to-the-point app allows you to manage your income and expenses closely in getting you to a healthy financial space by incorporating the following:

  1. Budget feature; which tracks your income and expenditure and collates it into interactive data that assists you when making money decisions.
  2. Saving facility; through the correct budgeting you are able to efficiently save and track your savings.
  3. Sync your budget; “Goodbudget keeps you on the same page by syncing your household budget across all your Androids and iPhones. When you deduct money from an envelope, the person you're sharing with knows what's spent, where, and when,” says GoodBudget.

“The way we handle money reflects and shapes our character, values, relationships, emotions, and habits. Put simply, money is more than dollars and cents. The Goodbudget Way is an invitation to relate to money differently where you spend in line with your values, stick with a budget, deepen your relationships, grow in character, and transform your financial life,” GoodBudget explains.

Cost: Free download


Often, we miss the plot when it comes to budgeting and maintaining our finances because we fall into the trap of being disorganised. Stocard is here to help.

Stocard works with a bar-code scanner, that allows you to scan your cards, and then upload automatically onto the app. So, no more loyalty cards and missing out on discounts if you’ve left your card at home or misplaced it.

“Simply present your Stocard App at the cash register and collect all points and discounts straight away. Stay informed and never miss a discount again - and all that without plastic cards,” Stocard says.

You can also manually upload any cards that aren’t listed on the apps option menu by filling in the card number.

Cost: Free download.

Choosing the app for you

Having delicate information like your banking account details and the state of your finances on your phone can be daunting to some, but these apps boast with tight security measures that ensure your information is safe.

However, choosing the best app for you depends on your need and preference, when doing so it is always best to do extensive homework and also play around on the app to see if it’s a fit for you and your finances.

Here’s to making 2018 a better budgeting year!

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