Money Savvy Kids: Are you looking to start your own business?

By Danielle van Wyk

Are you looking to start your own business, but finding that the process can be overwhelming? From sales, marketing, and operational teams to budgets and cash flow, there is quite a bit that goes into starting one’s own business.

Understanding this, Money Savvy Kids, an award-winning brand and business, has launched its business licensee proposal.

Simply put, this offers ordinary South Africans access to buying, owning, and running a ready-made business, in the form of a Money Savvy Kids license.

This means you can now own your own Money Savvy Kids branch while receiving everything you need to start up. 

Who is Money Savvy Kids?

In addressing the need for increased financial literacy among younger, school-going South Africans, Money Savvy Kids offers programmes and training for both learners and teachers.

It is no secret that when learners leave the schooling system, they find themselves ill-prepared to manage their money effectively. While there are many factors that influence a person’s money habits, the lack of proper practical, personal finance education is a big contributor.

Money Savvy Kids has thus taken to developing a business that runs after-school programmes, holiday programmes, teacher training, and workshops around the country to help change this narrative.

What does it include?

License opportunities are available nationwide and include business training specific to the brand, product training, social media training, marketing training, and sales training.

You will also receive programme material, monthly marketing collateral, business cards, letterheads, personalised corporate profiles, digital signatures, social posts, banners, fliers, campaign material, access to established social media channels, website advice, and the support of the founder.

Licenses are also specific to the area of coverage. This means that the greater the area you are looking to cover the more expensive the license.

For a mini license – meaning you are able to cover 20 to 30 schools – you will be charged R65,000. Whereas a maxi license – an area with 40 to 50 schools – you will be charged R100,000.

The brand also offers curriculum guidelines which allow you to navigate different grades and ages. The suggested charge at R750 per 6-week programme.

Depending on the grade, the content ranges from “how to earn an income” and “how to budget correctly”, to “what is debt” and “how to save effectively”. These are often the biggest challenges that adult professionals face.

Kathryn Main, the founder of Money Savvy Kids, adds that it is vital that the financial foundation of a child is sound. This means educating them about their finances so that they are able to lead financially responsible and debt-free lives.

An opportunity

Money Savvy Kids is giving away five ready-made business solutions and licensee proposals in the hope of empowering five South African woman.

“I am giving away five licenses to the right woman. I am looking for women over the age of 50 who cannot find work or youth who are looking to start their own business,” says Main.

To learn more about Money Savvy Kids and their business licensee proposal please visit – and

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