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Fuel rewards programme – how to fill up on petrol and points

By Danielle van Wyk

South Africa’s volatile economy has often meant that factors like the fuel price bear the brunt. This year alone the country’s fuel price has fluctuated by between R1.50 to almost R3, which has put increasing pressure on motorists. That said, many of the bigger South African brands have provided some relief by way of fuel rewards programmes.

Justmoney looks at a few retail brands’ rewards programme offerings and the fuel providers they’re associated with.

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Sign-up fee

Cash back per litre (Max)

Associated fuel providers

Added benefits

Pick n Pay


10 cents


10 Smart Shopper points accrued for every litre of petrol.



10 cents


1 Clicks Rewards point accrued for every litre of petrol.



10 cents


10 Dischem Benefit points accrued for every litre of petrol.

* These figures were correct at the time of publication.

What you should know

From the above table we can conclude that all three supermarkets offer the same cash value for every litre of petrol bought at the corresponding fuel stations. However, in terms of shopper points Dischem and Pick n Pay offer more value as they boast 10 shopper points earned as opposed to Clicks which offers 1 Clicks Rewards point.

“It’s important that consumers pay attention to the associated fuel providers as this is often where consumers lose out on earning points. If you own a rewards card from the above stores it’s vital that you find out which fuel provider you should use,” says a Pick n Pay representative.

While retailers aren’t the only brands to offer fuel rewards programmes, they do boast unique benefits. One key benefit is that there are no limits to the cash that can be earned. This is unlike the fuel rewards programmes offered by the various banks and some insurers.

“While other brands may offer greater cash-back earning potential, they also cap the earnings. Retailers don’t and therefore it remains constant value for money,” says the Pick n Pay representative.

How can you save?

According to a 2018 Statistics SA report, South African motorists fill their tanks on average every eight days. This translates to roughly four times a month. Of course, this depends on the type of vehicle and distances travelled.

In the case of a Hyundai Grand i10 1.2 litre, for example, it costs approximately R580 to fill the tank. This would mean that this motorist could stand a chance of earning R5.80 per fill-up and R24 monthly.

While this may seem insignificant, over a period of a year the motorist can earn up to R288. In addition to this, the earning potential for rewards points can range from 480 points for both Pick n Pay and Dischem to 48 Clicks Rewards points.

To sign up for any of the above rewards programmes visit your nearest Pick n Pay, Dischem or Clicks stores or alternatively visit their websites.

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