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The 411 on funeral costs

By Danielle van Wyk

You may not want to consider this while you’re in the prime of your life, raising your children, or planning towards something special, but death is inevitable and planning for funeral costs necessary. During these uncertain times anything can happen, and you wouldn’t want your family to be financially exposed.

Justmoney gives you a rundown of what you can expect when it comes to funeral costs, and why you should consider it for yourself and your loved ones.

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Stripping down to the basics

According to a recent Stats SA report there has been a 12% increase in funeral costs in the last three years in South Africa.

While this may seem insignificant, according to Clientele funeral the average expected cost of a moderate funeral these days can range between R20 00 – R90 000.

“There are typically different income bands and types of funerals. The lower income group - while they may have more people attending a funeral – typically spends between R15 000 – R30 000. The medium-income band typically spends up to R50 000, and the higher earners may even spend up to R80 000,” says Clientele.

Regardless of the income group you find yourself in the chances of you having that kind of money at your disposal on short notice is slim. This is where the importance of a comprehensive funeral policy comes into play.

“Funerals require a lot of money, and while most may understand this, people are still reluctant to take out a policy or pay it diligently. For many this may stem from their lack of understanding about what such a policy covers,” Clientele adds.

What a policy covers

1. Funeral parlour fees

This fee goes towards the funeral preparations, safeguarding, storing, and transporting of the body.

If the family requires additional transport services such as private buses to transport relatives, this is typically added to the cost.

Another consideration is the cost of the grave preparations in the case of a burial, which is more expensive than cremation.

“The cost of being cremated is comparatively far less than being buried. This is because it entails less. You can expect to pay almost a third of the cost should you opt for the traditional burial option, “Clientele says.

For funeral parlour costs as a whole you can expect to pay between R 10 000 – R50,000 depending on your specifications.

2. The coffin or casket

While this is typically completely dependent on taste, there are certain factors outside of this that may affect the cost. These include the size of the body and the range the parlour caters for.

“You could be looking at anywhere between R5000 – R60 000. The more personalised and elaborate the coffin and its specifications the more expensive it will be,” Clientele explains.

3. Catering costs

This will greatly depend on the amount of people you’re catering for. However, for the average black South African, a cow can cost up to R15,000. If you want to hire a tent, that could cost you in the range of R5000.

4. Miscellaneous costs

Other typical costs include venue hire, flower arrangements, programme designing and printing, and audio-visual services.

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