Steps to qualify for car insurance

By Isabelle Coetzee

By taking out car insurance, you will protect your vehicle when it’s exposed to damage, or, depending on the type of insurance you choose, it will protect you in the case of damage to someone else’s property.

But before you can take out car insurance, you need to jump through a couple of hoops. We have a look at what these are, as well as how you can make it through them effectively.

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The requirements for car insurance

In South Africa, car insurance is not compulsory unless you take out vehicle finance to assist you with your car purchase. However, relying solely on the government’s Road Accident Fund may not be enough to cover you if you’re involved in an accident.

It’s therefore best to take out private car insurance for your vehicle. You can do this by visiting this page, or by reaching out to a car insurance provider.

There’s invariably an application process you need to follow. Before your insurance can be approved, you will have to do some or all of the following:

1. Submit the requested documentation

When you complete and submit your application form, you will also be required to send in a copy each of your driver’s licence and your vehicle registration.

Once approved, your policy will stipulate that you, with your valid driver’s licence, will be covered if you’re involved in an accident with your car, which is properly registered.

To avoid fraud, some insurance providers will also request your vehicle’s engine number and VIN number. This is to prevent people from taking out insurance on cars that don’t exist.

2. Do a vehicle inspection

There are several ways you can facilitate a vehicle inspection, but the most common way is to take your car to the closest inspection centre that your insurance provider recommends.

Here they will confirm the existence of your car, they will note any damage it currently has, and which accessories are in place. This service is usually free of charge to you.

Some insurance providers will allow you to do a “self-inspection” with the help of your cellphone. This usually involves using a special app and they will guide you through this process.

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How to ensure an effective application

You may have noticed that both of these steps help determine whether you do in fact have a vehicle. This is the insurers’ biggest concern and, to ensure a smooth application, you ought to submit as much proof of this as possible.

Besides this, your insurer will also require you to tell them more about your driving history and the history of your vehicle. Make sure you submit the most accurate information so that you are effectively insured for your unique circumstances.

Remember that each insurance provider is different and that it’s best to ask them directly what they need from you to ensure a successful and smooth application.

Ready to take out car insurance? Fill in the form on this page and get started today.

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