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How to handle a tenant’s deposit

Imagine you’ve acquired a property you don’t intend to live in. You may consider renting it out so that you can gain an additional income. Similarly, you may sublet a second bedroom in an apartment you’re renting from your own landlords. In eith...

Is it wise to start your business with your RA?

A retirement annuity (RA) is meant to help you save money to assist you during your retirement. RAs aren’t accessible until you reach the age of 55, you move to another country, or you're unable to work because of disability. Even then you’re not ...

Are you ready for a house upgrade?

You moved into your home knowing one day you would need to make some changes to turn it into your dream home - add a new bedroom, a second bathroom, build a double storey or even move out. JustMoney put together these signs to tell if your finance...

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