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Managing your money effectively means understanding which tools offer you the best value. At Justmoney, we list all of South Africa’s major bank accounts, whether savings or current, as well as credit cards.

We allow you to compare the best offers across bank accounts – from interest rates to opening balances and other benefits. We realise how important making the correct banking decisions is for your financial health.

How to compare bank accounts

Comparing bank accounts to understand which is best suited for you can be complicated. This is because there is quite a bit to compare. Here are a few ways to get you started:

- Compare the fees and charges: Looking into how much the service fees of the accounts cost and the associated charges is vital. This will determine the monthly and day-to-day charges of the account that you will be expected to pay. Here is where you will be able to tell whether you can afford this offering.

- Compare interest rates: Specifically, when it comes to savings account offerings, it is essential you consider and compare the interest rate being offered. This will determine the cost of the loan and essentially your monthly instalments.

- Compare incentives:
Certain accounts have added benefits that may range from having a personal financial advisor assigned to you, to having airport lounge privileges, and also various discounts from places like cinemas and supermarkets.  

Before you get started

It’s important to understand what you are signing up for. This means understanding your financial needs and your affordability.

Ensuring you build a good relationship with your bank will also count in your favour in the long run when needing to potentially apply for other financial products such as a home loan or a personal loan.






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