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Can I get a loan while under debt review?

Whilst under debt review, you will not be able to secure any credit. If you are in need of cash for expenses, it would be best to contact your debt counsellor and arrange for a restructure of your payment plan if possible. With debt review, the idea is for clients to not increase their debt, hence the reason for not being allowed further credit.


Ok I am on debt counselling, but what do I do in an emergency, like my car broke down? Without my car I can't work, so then I can't pay my debts!! And one other thing, the debt counsellers never tell you that you can't put all you debt on a payment plan, like all your service contacts like for cellphones. Now I want to know if I can't pay even the service contracts, what is going to happen then? And now I can't even buy food, as the debt counceller told me that I can't lower my monthly payment, so I am back where I started - just more debt!!