Planning for retirement is essential. Even those who contribute to a company pension or provident fund will almost certainly find that it is not enough to guarantee them dignity in retirement. 

Take charge. Don’t assume you are automatically saving enough, or have invested appropriately. Understand what it will take to get you across the finish line in good shape, and make changes to things that are under your control, such as your contribution rate and your portfolio choice. Get a handle on the fees you are paying. If you are paying too much, challenge your employer’s fund representatives, or select a cheaper option.

There are some basic rules to successful retirement saving, such as starting early, investing mainly in growth assets such as shares, continuing throughout your working life, preserving when you change jobs, and keeping costs down.  It’s not as complicated as many would have you believe. 

Alternatively, there are service providers who offer simple, low-cost, sustainable investment solutions that already incorporate all these essential elements into one savings solution.  

Justmoney has partnered with 10X Investments, a retirement fund administrator and investment manager, to help with your planning and to answer any questions you may have. 

With a 10-year track record as of January 2018, 10X Investments provides a range of simple, effective, low-cost solutions to savers and retirement investors.

If you have any questions about your retirement planning, ask our retirement expert



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