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Featured Question: I cancelled my debt review, and now can't get credit?

By Staff Writer
I applied for debt review in October 2013 but cancelled as soon as they started deducting when I discovered that they did not deliver as they promised. My problem now is that even though they said they have cancelled because they stopped deducting, they did not remove my name and that prevents me from getting approved for credit. Could you help me?
Ian Wason, CEO of DebtBusters, answers our readers' question:
In this situation, it would be best to speak directly to your debt counsellor. The fact that you have voluntarily withdrawn from the process will still be evident on your credit report as you it would indicate that you have not been rehabilitated. In this case, it is at the creditors discretion to award you credit or not.
Not getting access to credit may be a result of your credit record and payment history.
It would be best to clear your current credit record by settling your debts and work towards getting a better credit record before attempting to get further credit.

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