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Old Mutual launches filtration plant to save water

By Athenkosi Sawutana

Old Mutual recently launched the first corporate filtration plant in South Africa at Pinelands.

According to Khiyam Fredericks, national technical manager for Old Mutual Limited, the plant will be Mutual Park’s main source of water. It will provide a significant relief to the overall water demand in the City of Cape Town.

“We have been piloting the plant since July 2018, and the results have been impressive.  Not only is it contributing towards essential water preservation in the drought-stricken Western Cape, but it has also encouraged community involvement in some of our water-saving initiatives,” said Fredericks.

The new water plant will accommodate more than 9 000 employees and contractors. According to Heloise van der Mescht, executive general manager for Old Mutual Customer Services, this initiative will save up to 15 000 kilolitres of water a month. 

The plant, which will be operating off the regional water grid, will produce 800 000 litres of water a day which doubles the consumption amount a day.  Mutual Park employees and contractors consume up to 450 000 litres a day.

Old Mutual has been the advocate of saving water since 2016. Through its water saving initiatives, the company has managed to reduce water consumption at Mutual Park by 30% even before the launch of the filtration plant.

Iain Williamson, chief operating officer, said as a responsible business Old Mutual continues to have a positive impact on the socio-economic and environmental development of the continent and its people. 

“By driving mutually beneficial projects, the company creates shared values,” he said.

According to Mescht, the plant is certified South African National Standards (SANS) 241 compliant,  making the filtered water drinkable.

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